Soulmates by Kaaren


Around me the world is changing
People and countries rearranging
Their culture, their communications
With others and cooperation
Is becoming the goal of most
In the need to be able to boast
Of peace on earth, good will
To men, and yet, and still
People seem not to change
In a small way, in the range
Of what they do day to day
The feelings they show, the way
They treat one another, you see
Emotions, they're not so easy
To evolve, not so possible to be
Different and new, and free
From the past, they're fixed
By our history, they're fixed
By our genes, the pattern
Of our feelings does burn
Deep in our being, without
Much choice or doubt.
The father was anxious,
The mother obnoxious,
The daugher was both.
Even with our growth
In our days our emotions
Resemble our relations'.
Why are we stuck
How will we pluck
The pattern of the past
The emotions that last
Generation to generation?
Will there be revelation?
This is the work of the
Twentieth century.
This is what we need
To discover, how to weed
Out the bad and keep
The good feelings deep
In our soul, those that
Teach love, those that
Promote peace, and
Those that change man.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.