Soulmates by Kaaren


Adventure, intrigue, entrapment
Fill the expansive screen of the cinema
All that brilliant energy spent
To entertain, and engage us.

Beautiful people caught
In the dangerous world of the spy,
Tricks made, favors bought,
A plot which makes us dream.

Or does it help us escape
The entrapment in our lives?
The lies, the intrigue, the tape,
That direct our choices; no escape.

Our background weaves a pattern
Of ups and downs, of yes and no
And we continue it or fight to earn
The right to forge our own path.

And as we change and grow,
We tumble towards the past
And hope our prayers will show
How to live in the here and now.

A step forward, a warm success
A bound backward, a valiant effort to
Fight the cyclone of sadness
With joy, decisiveness and energy.

The entrapment of patterns and
The claws of the past
Can all be held, or can
All be exiled with the will of God.

God gives us all a core of love,
And also to those we love,
We reject it or fly like a dove
Toward the home of our soul.

He has no power to tell
Our loved ones what to do,
But if we listen well,
We will, with love, excel.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.