Soulmates by Kaaren


Two people,
Arm in arm,
Church steeple
Sounds Alarm.

Wedding bliss,
At high noon.

They share much,
Ideas, goals,
Tender touch,
Lovers' roles.

Manly fun,
A fast game,
Brutal stun,
Headwound, pain.

Now he's changed.
His mind's new,
His life view.

She loves, he
Also does,
There'll be three,
Life's a fuzz.

She's the same,
He's not sure,
Love's not pure,
Enter shame. 

Men in tact,
Live in pride.
In attack,
They deride.

He derides
Her, their life.
He decides
To cause strife.

She trusts "them,"
He just hurts.
"They" need him,
Not outbursts.

May God give
His blessing,
Help them live, 
Not divorcing.

Sacred vows,
Meant to bind,
A closed mind.

Life can hurt,
Love's no cure,
Be alert,
And love, sure.

Loving pure,
Means seeing,
No allure
In parting.

Pain will pass,
Make you grow,
But love lasts,
Don't let go.

For better
Or for worse,
Go get her,
Don't divorce

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.