Soulmates by Kaaren


I've dreamed of going to Heaven,
Of leaving the earth, sweetly.
I wanted to flee the pain; even
Was deafened to joy, completely.

Yes there were moments
When God filled me with hope
And I climbed from the torments
With joy up the slope.

Happily, God always saved
Me in moments of despair
With His help, I braved
The storm with courage rare.

I've sculpted light from Hell,
But never understood, dear,
How people could tell
Me that Heaven is here.

Heaven on Earth? No,
That couldn't last.
I've prayed to go
To God above, fast.

Then, as I strengthened spiritually,
I met you, with your loving kindness.
Your sweet hope shows me a new destiny.
Through you I see God, with tenderness.

God made Adam and then he made Eve.
He made me and then he made you.
A lifetime of sailing through storms, to leave
Them and find myself in your arms, true.

I'm building a staircase to Heaven. Yes,
I'll leave the steps, resting on the landing
Long enough to love you, blessed
Enough to taste Heaven on Earth, loving.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.