Soulmates by Kaaren

by a Woman

I love your sexy five o'clock shadow
Which you will only shave for a hot date,
Your quick and careful, brief use of words to
Answer a woman, or to make her wait.

Muscles intrigue me beneath a white shirt.
I love to watch soccer; men in full gait.
A man in action can make me alert.
Thinkers and sportsmen - yes, I'll be your date.

Moving, close, with your strong arms around me,
That's even better; dancing in rhythm,
Swinging to the beat, you and I will be
In sync - yin and yan twirling in tandem.

From men I've learned much about protection.
And how sometimes, for peace, one must attack.
You make me feel safe in my attention
To live without the fear of fighting back.

You laugh with me and you make me feel cute.
You see my beauty; give me confidence.
The music of appreciation is mute.
Do you like my shape? That brings down the fence.

Men, you're made to appreciate my soul,
For you're not in competition or fear.
Your seeing my soul may not be the goal,
But with my nature, the true path is clear.

Yes, we can dance the dance of attraction,
With our smiles, with words, and confidences.
Your fantasies are closer to fiction,
But in flirting we pass all pretenses.

This strength of opposites, man and woman,
Is so beautiful, so touching, and I,
I thank God for our time which allows man
To befriend woman, and not pass her by.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.