Soulmates by Kaaren


My dear girl, you are a mirror,
The reflection of my strengths and flaws,
The reminder of my girlish youth or
The chance to rewrite history because
You climb the same ladder to womanhood
But in a different time; in a different way.
You've copied me and move on, as you should
With your own strengths and pain; still you play.

I'm proud that in the midst of turbulence,
You find joy and safety in friends, in life.
I'm sad that I'm no longer "perfect," hence
You see me in a different light, causing strife.

However, I love you, as always, and grow, myself.
As you evolve, our relationship changes.
When you know you need me, take the wealth
Of love I have in my heart, while your life rearranges.

Although I'm no longer your sole guide,
As you follow the map of your heart,
I'm always here, loving you with deep pride,
And behind you; whatever you start.

Know that I'm the same and different
Because my love is steady; because you exist.
I've learned from you and I have lent
You all my wisdom. Now your changing will persist.

Daughter, you are pieces of me and your Dad,
Wrapped in a spiritual chemical reaction.
You are from both of us; the good and the bad.
Some reactions create heat; others, an explosion.
When your turbulence is over, don't be sad.

At that time you will be truly free
To love, learn, experience and grow
And to become all that you should be.
We both, Mom and Dad, love you, you know.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.