Soulmates by Kaaren


A mother; kind, loving, giving, quick,
Wraps her child in silken tenderness,
His voice, to her, is angelic music.
She learns to weave her own happiness.

A mother, weak, needy, intrusive, vain,
Wraps her progeny in splintery fiberglass,
And listens deafly to their desires and pain,
Caring only that their lives cater to her, fast,
Demanding total obedience; a sovereign to reign.

A father, caring, with thoughts often unspoken,
Protects his wife with a cloak of understanding,
And sees her love in the eyes of his children,
Whom he shields from the pain of the world; acting.

The dysfunctional opposite fathers not.
He lives yielding the axe of egotism.
Hedonism replaces God. He is caught
In the cycle of blindness; his children in his prison.


Parents, in love, dance as a couple
Through life as lovers and teachers
For children, who in their love, will
Grow and prosper without fetters.

Not all parents can follow the beat.
Sometimes one, sometimes two
Cannot love and know not how to treat
Their children with care; it's true.

How, then, do children survive?
How do they love, prosper, grow,
And keep their hearts alive?
Truly only God can know.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.