Soulmates by Kaaren


Within her, twisted in form,
Was a cloud of Anger,
The eye of a storm,
The lingering ashes of war.

The war of family strife,
Angry words, a menacing hand,
Father against Mother,
Siblings in torment, Pain.

Without water to put out the fire,
Or warmth to cool the freeze
Hers was a childhood on the wire,
On the edge, riddled with Fear.

The streets to her seemed safe,
The strangers promised warmth,
She felt like a homeless waif,
Saved only from her spirit of love.

Her tender child's spirit was of God,
Of intellect, education and art,
Soaring in her mind, she did not trod
On the cloudy family battleground.

God lifted her heart to him,
And gave her gifts of art and love.
Her life became a hymn,
A song and dance of triumph.

She sought to learn of love,
To magically transform strangers
Into friends, and family; to learn of
Peace, trust and strength.

The cloud inside her rose,
It tried to obscure the love,
To keep her from those,
Whose love she craved.

Within the cloud were voices,
Of fear, inadequacy, and anger,
This gray darkened her choices,
And threatened to make a trap.

But God had planted a song
Deep within her heart,
To love and to be strong,
And she, she would survive.

And though it was so hard,
And the cloud so terribly dark,
She held within her heart
The dream of finding a soulmate.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.