Soulmates by Kaaren


The racer called, "My Life," is turning
At a fork created by my yearning
To drive a new race, on safer terrain.
We're climbing a hill in the rain,
The visibility is bad, the direction unclear,
But my vehicule must slightly veer,
Right or left, following my senses,
In the absence of clarity and fences.
I pray that the one I choose is right,
As I accelerate after the turn, I fight,
To discern where I am going,
But the road is not yet showing
The destination where it will lead.
And hence, I must concede
That I have no clear, safe map;
That only God can foresee a trap.

If my car is finely tuned, well-oiled,
I will follow His path and live unspoiled
In his light, driving in the land of destiny,
Held in the arms of a loving deity.
As I climb the hills, as I take the curves,
I know that fear slows me, and my nerves
Can only be steadied by my faith;
The promise that God will create
For me the strength and understanding
Needed to live my life in his loving,
Gentle plan for me, following His rules.
As my car slows, using His tools
To make it hug the curves and navigate the hills,
I know that I will make it, as God wills.
When I reach the city of His dreams,
My life will be more than it now seems,
Clearer and stronger; more to his purpose,
But for now, I know not what that is.

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Copyright 1999-2002 Washington, Kaaren Agnez. All rights reserved.