To Reza...

Wish it had been different
life here on Earth
when love is met and love is lost is love forever longing
harsh experiences for us both
needed to release
needing to be believed
such is life on Earth
wish it had been our time
to go on together now
such was my love for you
yet healing done in aftermath
was seriously important too
to become complete again
Yet I loved you so well

why can't this longing just go away

why can't he call at least to say "Hi"

The portrait of you have not really your face
yet it says in the colour choices
half golden love, half blue
that we are no longer together

May your path be strewn with roses
even if your way in past was not
may the beautiful soul you truly are
explode in all it's colours

May I meet you again
under other circumstances
where wine so fine
so golden sweet with nectar of life
pours forth from your inner sources
in happy dance with mine
in complete delight

May your life be beautiful in every way
may every dramatic word you utter
be releasing and filled with laughter
may your hurtfull experiences turn
to fruits of beautiful insights

while you shine in happyness
over who you are

someone to whom I will be connected
forever after


May you find your freedom
in every way
You are delightful...

by Liv Evensen (25/3/1998)


To Michel on his mom's death (July 15, 1992)

Dearest Michel

In thoughts of you
in rememberance of your dear mom
I did not know her
I feel sure she knows me well

In thoughts of you
in your aloneness now

when you feel
the wind against your cheek
maybe she's caressing you
my sweet
like when you were a little boy
being put to sleep
in your bed at night..

Perhaps she'll speak to you
in waves of ocean
against the land
gently telling you a fairy tale
her love for you in floating
gold of sunsets
ethereal and light
as golden sunshine -

her spirit floating
free and high

She is still your mom -
wherever you are...

Love from Liv


To Michel:

I am sure your mother passed away
in a horse and carriage of gold
to a world so filled with beauty and love
she'll never again be ill.

When she takes your father's
he'll walk with her
on flower path
prepared for her
by him
and send their love
to Micha still

now they know
you still are
their sweetest child
of love and creativity

They'll wonder
with love in heart and eyes
how they could have given birth
to such a wonderous child...
They love you still

Liv (15.7.92)

calvaire.jpg (575254 octets)

More music
more nature I send thee
on this card for thine ears to hear
and thine eyes to see
when you open this envelope
the golden, lyrical tones
of Vivaldi's 4 Seasons
will stream out
and envelope you
expecially the spring part
with it's greenery
the tones
like golden bonds
will surround thee
float around and heal thy broken body
touch you with their silken cords
dancing up and down your room
swirl the tones into your hair
caress thy cheeks and
dry your tears...

and when thine eyes
are shut to sleep
the Moonh
will shine his silvery beams
upon your bed
gently bringing you to rest
secure in love and tenderness.
The beaming love
in gentle darkness
is your nurse this time
for gentle lullabys
to cloak you in for sleep
and rest you deep....

....and when you bones
are cleared again
of runaway infectious cells
the scenery on this card
will rest your feet below
your dancing skirts
your footprints go
patterns on soft glowing moss
upon the ruins of those sores
the chemo therapy caused
the crust of sores have fallen down
to feed the ground
for pink and beautiful flowers
to grow again -

As if they are not always there
however the world cannot see them now
in your hurting bones
except to look you in your eyes...
We love you so much.
Liv and Mons the Cat.


You are saying farewell to our friendship
I understand not quite
you say I am difficult to communicate with
I understand not quite
Did you not see the wide vistas of femininity
that opened up in our meetings?
Saw you not through my words to my shyness?
Heard you not the sensitivity in beat with your words?
You say I am difficult to communicate with...
I sent you written pages
relating fantastic experiences
you believed me not quite
could not see me
with such golden lights
Where were you?
Increasingly difficult the later years, said you
because I am not only listening anymore, say I...
you moved around your bounderies all the time
put up fences here and there
I heard you and said no more
on themes you spoke not well on. Then.
My words came to fast for you,
increasingly difficult, said you...
Mostly my fault,you say...
That is ok my friend
So I am sending you onwards in life
with open sensitive vistas
with feelings of deep femininity shared
thus will I remember
you and me, my friend

by Liv Evensen (20/9/1999)

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