I an new at the net
understood not what you ment
thought you spoke of your mailbox
and appreciation for poetry

You caught my intention by thoughts
conveyed by e-mail
but what does it entail?
My own web-site?

May you please let me know?
I am touched
such a quiet page
you are my first unknown e-mail friend
I am the one to feel honored.

So poignantly beautiful
with the rose for an answer
it's soundless voice of colours
speaking its silent vibrations.


by Liv Evensen (18/2/1999)


You're a poet too!
Who are you??
A wiz kid 25?
A buzy bureaucrat?
I was astounded
at the beauty of your craftmanship.
A graphical designer?
A wizard with computers
for sure.
You see, I also work with pictures
as well as poetry.


by Liv Evensen (26/2/1999)


Is that not the one
living on an island in the sun?
Is not cyclope the one-eyed gigant?
Son of some ferocious king?
I used to think about them and him
the one eye was shut due to
deep longings for a home
out there among the stars
living on planet Earth
as a self-exiled
longing ferociously
to the center of one's most beautiful Self
shut down for fear of punishment of the gods
shut off  life's real inner fountain
containing love of gigants
sadly had his one eye
speared as mistaken enemy
by Homer
on his travel to that Otherland
in search of  those other spheres
where we all come from.


by Liv Evensen (16/3/1999)

voilier.jpg (16918 octets)

Set sail
Set sail my friend Apollo
thine boat will sail the ocean
of life and colours

Leave behind the cave of Plato
break the chains around thine SELF
set sail, set sail my friend Apollo
thine boat will fare well
carrying within its nave
threasures beyond measures
thine threasures my friend
of colours
of life
your dearest SELF

Go sho'em all!


by Liv Evensen (31/8/1996)

AG00007_.gif (7458 octets)

Dear Phil

I saw your picture
your sweet countenance
your hands waving accross
the oceans of tides
hi and lo
accross lands of greenery
mountains steeped in colors
vallies serene with grazing mules
lo and hi
accross towns husling and busling
your hands waving on
to reach Norwegian shores
for me to say hello again
and so I want to thank you
for being my internet friend

Love from Liv

by Liv Evensen (2/9/1999)


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