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he woke just like the night had left him
shaking dreams from his eyes like raindrops
their rainbowed essence brushing against his aura
as he lay on sheets of cotton fair
the sun flowed in like seasoned honey
amber as it spilled around
golden hues, illuminating soft tattoos
of dragons breathing fire
in shades of yellow, orange, green
and of roses in their fullest bloom
bordered by ancient tribal chains…

the wind came through the open window
and rustled through the childlike hair
upon the manchild shaking slumber
from his body resting there
i gazed at him in soft affection
like a lover looks upon
the image of the morning after
the magic carried through to dawn
the silver that adorned his person
sparkled muted in the room
the metal of mystic alchemy
that spoke of kinship with the moon
poetry and music breathing
through his skin into the light
cradled in his ageless knowing
conceived in dreams throughout the night
now their wings and voices mingled
calling out for sacred birth
amidst vanilla coffee smells
and the languid turning of the earth…

the astral journey was transcendent
flying to and from his home
to enter earthspace independent
but knowing he was not alone
his eyes and spirit moved in tandem
sensing he was back on land
and becoming present, earthbound angel
this child of god, this son of man
returned to warmly understand
the morning as it dawned so grand
and gently stroked in warm compassion
the world, soft, spinning in his hand…

© the Author. By courtesy.

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