A fairly dizzy day
on wavelengths to the stars
spiritual internet
for thoughts to travel far
to web and wind themselves
in speed and colours crisscrossing
connecting, laughing
shining brightly here and there
Oops - here comes one pulsating:
Have a beautiful life!                            


by Liv Evensen (26/2/1999)

hubble's vue of the universe

You sounded melancholic yesterday
as if the thoughts of season and new year
were sad
as if I felt you would have wanted to have spent them
with some and many of your friends
in merry parties' warmth and champagne
of celebrating new year's eve
to view and watch the fireworks explode
in thoughtfull comments of yesteryear
with accomplishments
and those to come
mye dearest friend.

I also spent new year's eve alone
climbed to top of hills
where my neighbours live
snook along their south-east wall
with forest dark and lit by snow
greeted them
spent the last minutes of the year
together with
the view of city down below
as if the finger of Good
lifted the fog
a window to eternity
opened up
for all the fireworks to explode
more than years previously
as if the runner-up year to
2000 and 1
when the century turns
my dearest friend
THAT century
will be yours

to fill with gifts eternally
to thrill in freedom full of sights
to joys in living colours and delights
to freedom beyond your imaginative flights
in fellowship with all those whom you are
connected with

your heart strings will play the music
of your soul
and behold my friend
the world will come to a standstill then
and listen
the world will turn around
and greet them
the tones you create, I mean
all you will see
are smiles all around you
in deep appreciation

and you, my friend
will feel fine, expansive and secure


by Liv Evensen (13/1/1999)

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