I do not know who you are
I do not know your age
I know not if you allready have
a wife, a sweetheart or a lover on wait
but since your msg arrived
on this Valentine's
I hereby greet you on behalf of the female side of humanity:

Happy Valentines Day!

Liv in Oslo

by Liv Evensen (14/2/1999)


I did not see it
I saw it just now
a beautiful rosecard....
was that from you?

Mine friend is very far away
mine frind is in another inner lanscape
a deeply important one
on a winding road to happier times
through bolders and rivers and icings to melt
mine friend thought perhaps the timing was wrong
for a Valentine's...

I spent mine evening alone
sent greetings to friends all over
thought your kind service of address so wrong
was deserving of thanking

And so you also received a tribute to men
from all of mankind
and had not dreamed
that my yearning for a greeting
would surprisingly come from another corner
of Europe than I expected.

The rose card is lovely
the dewdrops so fine
yes, I  know, the drops came by the rain
befitting a yearning of hopes for a future
so bright
for all mankind
with the dance of life
for two at a time....

Thank you, it was surprising and
appreciated, and the rose very lovely....

Klemmer fra Liv

by Liv Evensen (15/2/1999)


As each second runs into time
with it's own colors
it's very own rime
created by the sadness I carry
that stream of conciousness
in vain
perhaps you thought it so,
in vains
of golden music
that of my innermost soul,
and I loved you so well....

by Liv Evensen (14/5/1999)

tree2.jpg (263040 octets)

As the red rings of love
is like the tree's valuable age
runs sap up and down
to nourish and support LIFE
what was
were ways to happier times

There was a time my music
carried tears on its strings
out the windows to trees so tall
blurring rings of goldenness
to the fairies floating out there
"could you please carry my pleas
to the right respondees?"

There was a time
for featherlight embraces
angel wings surrounding me
as my deepest wound surfaced
I was held by thee

There is a time for loving
there is a time for pain
where boulders of time
have left their marks
in our souls -
it is hard
to uncover this tree of light

however like you said
the rings run around
filled up with life
of what our weaves have spun

even behind the boulders of time
even how deep one has buried it
there beats the love of a heart
to be shared
to make with a here and now
and continue to weave with
thee again

There was a time
I sat in the rain forest
by the sea and tall trees
rain for all my tear drops
hanging there on those branches you see...


by Liv Evensen (15/1/1998)

swan.jpg (19982 octets)

There once was this beautiful Southerner
a Latin Painter from Paris
who captured the heart of the Fairy from North
with ardour and strongness of colours!

The Lady was waiting and waiting..
and waiting again.. for his letters
maybe...I think her painter...
because he was her Painter
from the very beginning..
maybe he did not quite know - oh how to explain?
her colours and gold flowing glow
of soft lovely love
of magnetism
of irresistable force...was...re...
cannot quite find the words...
because it was always as if
hers was his was hers was one was theirs was "only" the
stream of the rainbow below
the Heavens aglow...
The pull and the forces of soul calling mates
How to explain?
I love you so...

by Liv Evensen (3/7/1992)

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