alone and lost and frightened
I searched for the magic
that would be mine
climbing mountains
stumbling and alone
scanning the waters wide
but love eluded my sight

frantic I became
the years passed by
thinking surely mine is there
I've only to find it
I'm not looking hard enough
I'm not looking right enough

and then laying my head
to the sweet smelling earth
the sun warming me with it's light
I sighed
and knew.....

I was not loveable
or maybe not pretty
or maybe not clever
for whatever reason
there is no love for me
and the tears filled my eyes
til I resigned myself to them
and choking back my sobs
to go do and to be
everything I was
just for me.....

because love comes easily to some
and to some dearly fought
but there is no love for me
and since I'm too full of song
to die
I'll just have to sing


*be my guest*

Credits and reserves.
Copyright 1999 Michigan, Sonya Reid. All rights reserved.