And he took me down...and he showed me
all things beautiful and marvelous and wonderful
and lost in them was I
noticing not the tear
and he took me down...and showed me
things that were and had been and to be
everything he showed to me
and gratitude for this vision
welled up in my heart....
and he took me down...and he showed me
and then he told me
they were see
but not to hold...
and when I turned all that was left
was a single tear...
lying wet and fluid
where he'd stood...

well I've seen rainbows after a summer's rain
and the doe nuzzling a fawn in the dewy dawn
and gold on the sunlit wing of a hawk
and waters so deep and wide and crystal clear streams

I've never touched the clouds floating on the wind
or the song the warbler sings for me
I'll never hold a sunset
except in my heart....
and sometimes...that's enough....

and I scooped up the precious tear...
and held it....


*be my guest*

Credits and reserves.
Copyright 1999 Michigan, Sonya Reid. All rights reserved.